This Country has the HIGHEST Cat Population!

It's no secret that cats are one of the most popular pet across the world, and it certainly goes without saying that they're THE BEST companion imaginable. This list will either make you proud to be living in the most cat-tastic country, or make you book a one-way ticket with no plans of returning.



The fifth most cat popular country is France - with a feline population of 11,480,000 cats is ~33% higher than the next down the line, Germany. The French have an interesting love of cats, being the first country to ever send an animal to space. The space kitten Félicette made the embark on October 18, 1963 and successfully stamped her paw in history books around the world!



Following up France, the fourth most cat popular country is Brazil. With approximately one million more cats (12,466,000) Brazil has a large majority of wild feline that span their expansive rain forests. Brazil's first widely acknowledged cat breed is the Brazilian Shorthair.



Third on our list is a country which hails the highest cat ownership percentage in the world, is none other than Russia. With a total of 17,800,000 cats approximately 60% of households in Russia own at least one cat. Famous museums have been employing cats in the form of pest control since early 1700's! Russian cats cultural importance is wonderful to see, they certainly have their priorities right!



Second on our list is the highest populated country in the world, China. Their large population is directly related to their cat population of 53,100,000.




With a cat population of 74,059,000 the United States of America has the highest Cat Per Capita in the world. Falling far behind Russia in Percentage of Population Ownership (35%) the US makes up for their low percentage with the amount of cats owner per household. The average is close to 2 furry friends per house! Much credit goes to the crazy cat ladies that I aspire to one day be :)



Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more articles.

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